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 Alert: Franchise Gameplay Rules

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PostSubject: Alert: Franchise Gameplay Rules   October 6th 2011, 12:11 pm

There have been a handful of games where owners have broken the rules of this SIM Franchise. I've been very liberal about this, but at least on one occasion it directly affect the outcome of the game. I want to make you all aware that from now on there will only be 2 strikes before you are removed from the Franchise. Strike 1 will be a harsh warning coupled with a player or multiple players suspensions. Every situation is different and you all must be aware that if the situation calls for it I will remove you from the Franchise without a warning. I don't expect to see the below rule break happen again because it will result in expulsion. I will be sending out PMs and texts to all members to remind them of this. Please read the Gameplay Rules and follow them.

Team / Rule Break / Suspension

Falcons / 4th down rule which affected the outcome of the game / QB Ryan 2 games
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Alert: Franchise Gameplay Rules
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