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 MUST READ: Pausing Rule

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PostSubject: MUST READ: Pausing Rule   May 19th 2010, 8:41 pm

-It’s simple. We’re all human beings and all have problems in life that don’t relate to Madden. For instance, perhaps you get an important phone call, you need to go to the bathroom, or your wife/child needs you while your playing one of your franchise games. Simply press pause and message your opponent that you’ll need a few minutes to clear some things up/situate them/etc. When you return, message your opponent back and tell them you’re ready to play and wait for their response to resume the game. DO NOT start if they haven’t replied; treat them with the same courtesy they treated you with.

When someone pauses, you are now expected to NOT press Resume Game unless you see the timer going off in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. If your opponent takes longer than 5 minutes and has yet to send you a message on why they’re taking so long, then you’re allowed to resume. If they’ve sent you a message and you decide to resume, (that’s pretty f*cked up) there will be major consequences seeing as that would be considered a pretty huge cheese, buddy ol’ pal.

If I missed something, it’ll be rewritten and sent back for you all to see. I expect you ALL to have read this and apply this rule to your gameplay. Also, if I kind of made no sense during that second paragraph, I’m sorry, lol. I’m on the phone with someone and she’s making me laugh. (:
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MUST READ: Pausing Rule
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