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 Week 14: Blurbs

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PostSubject: Week 14: Blurbs   June 2nd 2010, 6:46 pm

Giants (8-5) 23 - Bears (4-9) 14

Giants are now on a 4-game winning streak and in the hunt for an NFC Wild Card Birth!

Browns 35 (11-2) - Ravens (2-11) 17

The Browns have secured the AFC North title and are now focusing on securing a 1st round bye week.

Cowboys (11-2) 41 - Skins (8-5) 7

Dallas has a 3 game lead in the NFC East going into Week 15. A first round bye week is their next goal. The Skins are now in a 3-team tie for a possible Wild Card spot behind the 9-4 Saints and 10-3 Falcons.

49ers (12-1) 23 - Panthers (12-2) 13

The 49ers have the best record in the NFC and are hopeful in securing a 1st round bye in the playoffs. The Panthers have lost 2 in a row, but still remain on top of the NFC South and are still hopeful in getting a 1st round bye.

Chiefs (2-11) 40 - Chargers (9-4) 20

With a shocking win over the Chargers, the Chiefs have now gone a mini 2-game winning streak. Despite the loss, San Diego is securely on top of the AFC West.

Texans (7-6) 12 - Raiders (4-9) 7

With the win, the Texans are the leading candidate for the final AFC Wild Card spot. The Raiders put forth a solid effort, but their playoff dreams aren't going to be realized this season.

Dolphins (12-1) 30 - Jets (6-7) 20

The Phins have the best record in the AFC and have almost guarnteed themselves a 1st round bye. Even tought they lost, the Jets remain just one game behind the Texans for the final Wild Card spot.

Falcons (10-3) 42 - Steelers (2-11) 7

At 10-3, the Falcons are just one game behind the NFC South leaders (Panthers) and are the leading candidates for one of the two Wild Card spots.

Bengals (4-9) 30 - Saints (9-4) 28

Playing spoilers, the Bengals eeked out a win against the Saints who were without QB Brees and RB Bush. The Sainst are the leaders for the last NFC Wild Card spot but will have a hard time beating the 49ers in Week 15 without Brees once again.

Colts (9-4) 31 - Titans (3-10) 13

Unless the Colts face a total disaster, they appear to have the AFC South wrapped up.

Pats (9-4) 44 - Bills (5-8] 14

The Pats have all but secured one of the AFC Wild Card spots. The Bills may have lost, but still have a shot, however small, at the last Wild Card vacancy.

Hawks (3-10) 20 - Packers (5-8] 13

After a crucial loss, the Packers are now tied with the Vikings for the lead in the NFC North. The Bears and Lions are both still within reach. The battle for the NFC North will be a good one.
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Week 14: Blurbs
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