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 Website Update: POW, GOW, and Week 14 Rankings

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PostSubject: Website Update: POW, GOW, and Week 14 Rankings   June 4th 2010, 5:29 pm

POW, GOW, and Week 14 Rankings have been updated.


"Website updated; only Rankings/PoW/GoW. I think that those three things will be the only things updated on the site until Madden 11. I need to really re-vamp the site; get rid of clutter and especially make it WAY easier to update. Paint is annoying and time-wasting. We also need to recruit some more people to help us. (: Blast, I know you said you'd help. Anyone else willing?"


"Good idea. We definitely need a more efficient way of updating. Also, anyone volunteering to help out must be able to perform their single assigned task on a regular basis. "
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Website Update: POW, GOW, and Week 14 Rankings
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