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PostSubject: *IMPORTANT* Scheduling *IMPORTANT*   July 10th 2010, 11:39 pm

I'm posting this here so I know, for sure, that everyone understands the new scheduling for the remainder of this season.

Pill has made it clear that this season, the last one for Madden 10, will rotate on a TWO-DAY schedule; meaning that every two days we will change the week. That also means that if you have yet to play your game, then sorry, but it will be simmed. No extensions or anything - get it in on time or it's simmed. This season is just for fun, however if we have a Superbowl Champion, it will be documented nevertheless.

Also, on sub owners; there are still several empty teams (not sure which) that have sub owners. I assume, and hope, you all know what sub owners are. Anyways, try your best to get in contact with the subs early seeing as they have an extra game to schedule; remember though subs, it's NOT ONLY THEIR JOB to schedule just because you were so nice to take over an extra team. If you can't do your part to help schedule, then don't sub. And if you know for a fact you can't make it in time, please be nice and let the other person just play the CPU. No sense ruining their record from a sim because you didn't want to be flexible.
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