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 Salary Cap System

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PostSubject: Salary Cap System   August 4th 2010, 6:05 pm

This is not final. Based on how Madden 12 functions, changes may be made.

Special thanks to X I Am Lethal X from Xbox Sports Legends for his major contribution

Salary Cap
  • A player's cap number will be equal to his overall rating (e.g. Ed Reed / Rated 97 / Cap# 97). The current cap limit is 4050 points. In other words, a team may never go over 4050 points.
  • A team's cap number will be updated every season. The update will take into account incoming rookies, released players, and player progression/regression.

Roster Size
  • Every team must have exactly 53 players. Any variation from this number is not allowed.

Releasing Players
  • Releasing a player during the season will cost you 50% of his overall rating against your cap room.
  • If your default roster has more than 53 players, the releasing of players to meet the 53 player limit will not be penalized.
  • Releasing players during the offseason in order to make room for the upcoming rookies will not result in any penalties.

Rookies and Making Room
  • To make room for the 7 incoming rookies, Madden will automatically release a certain number of players from your team. These players will most likely be the lowest rated players on your team. If after the rookie draft you want to replace a rookie with one of the players Madden automatically released then you may do so without going through the Free Agent bidding process. I advice to know you roster really well.

Free Agents & Bidding
  • If you are interested in a Free Agent you must bid for him in the Free Agents section. The bid must be at least equal to his overall rating. Each bid must sit for 2 days to allow any other owner who is interested to outbid you for that player. Once an owner's bid goes unchallenged for 2 days, the particular free agent will belong to that owner..
  • Bidding on a free agent will only be accepted in the following format: Micheal Strahan 89 Overall- I Bid 89
  • Do not manually sign or release players. The commissioner will do this at an appropriate time.

Free Agent Draft
  • During the offseason and prior to the Rookie Draft, every team will be required to cut 2 players from their Top 20 overall. One offensive player and one defensive player. No kickers or punters. As you know, every NFL team loses good players every year and this will help simulate that aspect. Please post your cuts HERE.
  • Every owner will be contacted when to perform this task. This process should take no more than 2 days. At the end of two days, the commissioner will make the 2 cuts for any owner who hasn't already done so.
  • At the end of these 2 days, the Commissioner will have a one day grace period to set up the Free Agent Draft. The Free Agent Draft will take place the day after the Commissioner's grace period. All in all, the draft will take place 4 days from the start of the Top 20 cuts.
  • The Free Agent Draft format will be as follows:

    1. The Commissioner will create a "Free Agent Draft" thread in the Free Agents section of this forum. The post will include a list of the all players from the Top 20 cuts.

    2. The Free Agent Draft order will be the same as the Rookie Draft order.

    3. The first round of the Free Agent Draft will start at 12 noon EST and finish at 11pm EST. Each owner will be contacted via text 1 hr prior to the start of the draft. The process should take 3 days, maximum.

    4. The owner with the first pick will have 30 mins to make his selection. If a selection has not been made after 30 mins, the Commissioner will make the pick for you. The owner with the next selection will be contacted via text and will have 30 mins to make his selection.
  • The Rookie Draft will take place at 11pm EST the day after the Free Agent Draft has ended.

Injuries and Free Agents
  • Should an injury occur that forces you to sign a free agent you will still have to go through the normal bidding process. However once your player who was injured comes back you may cut the free agent you signed at no penalty or cost.
  • You are limited to trading a maximum of 3 players per season. It is rare that an NFL team would trade more than 3 players a year.
  • Please post your trade blocks in the Trades section.
  • You can only trade draft picks during the current season.
  • All trades will be reviewed by the Commissioner and approved or rejected within 24 hrs.
  • Once the trade is submitted for approval there will be no backing out unless the trade is turned down.
  • Trades must be submitted for approval in the following way.

    1. Either of the two owners involved in the trade must post the proposed trade in the Trade Approval section of this forum. The following is the format trade submissions must be posted: Pats send Tom Brady (99 overall) to Eagles for Kevin Kolb (87 overall) and the Eagles 1st round pick in season 2 draft.

    2. Both owners must post they accept the trade.

Trade Processing
  • Once a submitted trade is approved, the newly acquired players will be available for the following week. If, for example, a trade is made and approved during Week 5, the players involved in the trade will not show up until Week 6. This format is used to prevent owners from purposefully not getting games played in on time or asking the Commissioner to drop everything in life to review a trade so that you can use that player in a game that night.

  • Any player in any violation of our rules will be removed right away. If you go online and just start adding free agents to your roster without following the rules, you will be removed and your payment will not be refunded.

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Salary Cap System
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