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 Week 8: Recaps

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PostSubject: Week 8: Recaps   April 23rd 2010, 1:40 pm

Dallas 38 (6-1) - 49ers 27 (6-1) Game Of The Week

This was probably the most anticipated match-up so far, and it lived up to the expectations. The undefeated 49ers knew this would be their toughest game so far, but had all the confidence of a championship team. That confidence was palpable before the game and it was visible in the first half. With the help of LB Manny Lawson's big time INT returned for a TD, the 49ers held a 20-7 lead over the Cowboys at halftime. The third quarter was a quite one. The only points scored were by the Cowboys who converted on a 36 yard FG. The fourth quarter was were the action was. At least for the Cowboys. RB Felix Jones (18 car, 149 yds, 2 TDs) was the main contributor in the fourth quarter, scoring 2 TDs. Dallas scored a total of 28 points, while only giving up 7. Not suprisingly, the play of the game was the last play of the game. There was only a few seconds left on the clock and the 49ers found themselves only 8 yards away from scoring the game-winning TD. Unfortunately, QB Alex Smith (11-27 105yds, 4 INTs, 1 TD) was hit as he attempted make a pass and the ball was picked off by DT Jay Ratliff, who returned it 88 yards for a TD. The game could not end in a more exciting manner. The 49ers' dream of perfection is no more, but the only dream that really matters is a Super Bowl ring and they still remain the favorites. The Cowboys demonstrated they are a team to be feared and won't be satisfied unless they win the Super Bowl in their own backyard.

Colts 24 (5-2) - Jaguars 10 (4-3)

With three teams (Colts, Jags, and Texans) in the AFC South at 4-2, this game was crucial. With the Texans having already beat the Steelers, the Colts and the Jags had the added pressure to win this game or fall to third place in their very competitive division. The Jaguars are considered a hard-nosed running team, but against the Colts they seem to abandon the run despite being successful at it. The pressure was on QB David Gerrard to bring the Jags back from a 14-3 deficit by halftime. David, however, could not step up to the challenge. The mobile QB was 11-24 for 150 yards and 4 INTs. The offense could not muster anything against a well prepared Colts defense. The Colts offense took advantage of the turnovers and good field position by scoring points TDs. QB Peyton Manning's (13-22 205 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT) favorite target was TE Dallas Clark (6 rcpts, 106 yards), who helped keep the ball moving and put the Colts in great position to score TDs on short running plays to the end zone. With the win, the Colts find themselves tied with the Texans for first place in the AFC South. They will face the tough Chargers in Week 9. The Jaguars fall to third place in their division, but will have the opportunity to redeem themselves when they face the current first place Houston Texans in a critical division game.

Browns 42 (6-2) - Patriots 35 (5-2)

The fireworks were in full blast for this anticipated clash. The Browns and Pats combined to score 77 points and the game remained up in the air until late in the fourth quarter. The score was 14-7, Pats, by halftime and the game appeared to be relatively tamed. In the third quarter, the Browns climbed a little closer making the score 17-14. It wasn't until the fourth quarter that both offenses brought out the big guns. The Patriots scored a total of 18 points, but were outdone by the Browns 28 point outburst, which gave them the win (42-35). QB Tom Brady tore the Browns slow defense apart, going 23-36 for 417 yards, 4 TDs, and 2 INTs. Unfortunately for the Pats, Browns RB Jerome Harrison could not be contained. The speedy RB demoralized the Pats running defense for 227 yards and 4 TDs on only 15 carries. Every time the Pats would appear to get close enough to tie the game, Harrison would break free for big time TD runs. Rookie QB Jack English (12-14 114 yds, 2 TDs) didn't have to carry the team to victory, but his 0 INTs and accuracy helped the Browns remain competitive against and offensively talented Pats team. In Week 9, the Pats will take on the surging Vikes, while the Browns have a badly needed Bye-Week.

Texans 30 (5-2) - Steelers 24 (0-8]

Two teams on two different paths. The Steelers find themselves in a lost season and will only find comfort in finally winning their first game of the season. The Texans, on the other hand, are in position to take first place in their division and have big hopes of making it to the playoffs and making some noise. In the first quarter, the Steelers came out with goal of scoring first and early. QB Ben Roesthlisberger (23-32 385 yds, 3 TDs, and 2 INTs) connected with WR Santonio Holmes (7 rcpts, 165 yds, 2TDs) to open the scoring. The Texans responded quickly when HB Steve Slaton finished a long drive with a 3-yard TD run. By halftime, the game was 17-14 in favor of the Texans. The second half remained a back and forth battle and by the end of the fourth quarter, the game was tied at 24. The match-up between these two teams made it apparent that the winner of the coin toss would most likely win the game. The Texans won the toss and promptly scored on a 60 yard TD pass from Matt Shuab (11-25 253 yds, 2 TDs, 3 INTs) to TE Owne Daniels (3 rcpts, 91 yds, 1 TD). The win puts Houston in a tie with the Colts for first place in their division. In Week 9, The Texans host their divisional rivals, the Jaguars. The Steelers hopes of finally winning a game could not be satisfied this week, but their effort demonstrated that it won't be long before they win one.

Saints 51 (7-1) - Ravens 41 (1-6)

At 6-1, the Saints came into this game riding high. Boasting a lethal offense, New Orleans anticipated to roll through the Ravens without much resistance. However, the Ravens weren't going to go down without a fight. Combining to score 91 points, the most points of Week 8, these teams gave the fans all the action they could handle. As soon as the game began, the Saints unleashed their offense. They scored 34 points by halftime and held the lead 34-14. The Ravens reorganized themselves during the break and came out with a determination to set on winning the game. Baltimore scored a total of 27 points in the second half, but the Saints still managed to put up an additional 17 points. The combination of QB Brees (18-31 331 yds, 3 TDs, 1 INT) and WR Colston could not be stopped. Colston had 8 receptions for an incredible 231 yards and 2 TDs. HB Bush added to the offense by scoring 3 TDs on 20 carries and rushing for 121 yards. The Ravens were in position to stun the Saints but second year QB Flacco could not keep from turning the ball over. The young QB was 18-37 for 368 yds, 4 TDs, and 5 crucial INTs. The Ravens hope to keep their turnover woes to a minimum when they face the win-less Steelers in Week 9. The Saints are now 7-1 and are looking forward to rest during their bye-week.
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Week 8: Recaps
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