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 SIM Rules Policy - Must Read

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PostSubject: SIM Rules Policy - Must Read   September 24th 2010, 11:09 am

Breaking the RULES can result in the complete removal from the franchise.

I understand that MINOR rules may be broken unintentionally. For those I have established a 2 strike policy. The first rule break will result in your first strike. Second strike will result in the suspension of major impact players on a team. If an owner breaks two rules within one game that will count as two strikes. If a rule break directly leads to a win then that will count as two strikes and multiple players will be suspended.

Third strike and I will boot you. Please read the rules. We have all joined a payed SIM league and I shouldn't have to warn people to read the rules. The rules are simple to understand and remember. No excuses.

I will evaluate every rule break and the situation behind it accordingly. Every owner must contact me via private message (PM) when he wants to report a rule break. I reserve the right to skip the two strikes and remove an owner after strike one. I will be fair and I hope you all are too.
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SIM Rules Policy - Must Read
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