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 Faster Paced Season

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PostSubject: Faster Paced Season   December 13th 2010, 11:23 am

I've heard from the majority of the owners (either on here or via text) and the majority favor a faster paced end to the season. The faster paced plan would consist of the following:

-Advancing the week as soon as all games are played instead of waiting for the set deadline date to be reached

-Turning Madden injuries ON instead of relying on real NFL injuries

-Players already lost for the season will remain lost but players who have been removed due to non-season ending injuries will be returned. However, if those players are later placed on IR (season-ending list) then those players will once again be removed from the team.

As of now, I plan to set the above plan into effect tomorrow at 10pm EST.
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Faster Paced Season
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