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 Prize Breakdown!

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PostSubject: Prize Breakdown!   December 31st 2010, 1:35 pm

I liked JT's idea so here is what I'd like to do:

Jackpot = $207

Every one of the 12 playoff teams will automatically win $5. This way everyone gets some money. Level 4 teams who make it to the playoffs will have won their money back plus $1.

Now, winners of the Wild Card will not receive any extra money. I choose not to reward the winners since every team has already been rewarded $5 and since there are 4 teams on a bye week that cannot win anything extra until the next round (Divisional Round).

The winners of the Divisional Round will get $10 and so will the winners of the Conference Championship Round.

Super Bowl winner earns %75 of what's left in the Jackpot.


Jackpot = $207

Wild Card Round

All 12 playoff teams win $5 ---- Updated Jackpot = $147

Divisional Round

4 winners win $10 each ----- Updated Jackpot = $107

Conference Championship

2 winners win $10 each ----- Updated Jackpot = $87

Super Bowl

Winner wins $65 / Runner up wins $22

So in summary, every team would have won at least $5. Divisional round winners would have won at least $15. Conference Champions would have won at least $25. Finally, the Super Bowl winner would have won a total of $90, while the runner up would have won a total of $47.

What say you?
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Prize Breakdown!
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