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 Madden 12 - Early Reviews

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PostSubject: Madden 12 - Early Reviews   August 26th 2011, 11:24 am

IGN (Link)

"The improvements to Madden NFL 12 are small, but they’re spread over every facet of the game. Madden fans are getting a tighter, more finely tuned game. AI is smarter and more accurate, the lighting and animations are more realistic, and the Franchise is more expansive. It’s disappointing that there are still areas where other sports titles are outshining Madden, and with no new gameplay modes it’s hard to recommend it to players who were bored last year. However, in terms of pure gameplay, Madden NFL 12 looks better, hits harder, and runs faster than ever before."

PastaPadre (Link)

"The Madden franchise has been held back over the last few years due to a number of factors – not least of which has been the change in focus and direction that seemingly happened with the release of every iteration. Madden NFL 12 though has made the wise decision to concentrate on providing the authentic NFL experience. Whether that be directed at those who are used to watching on TV or others who spend game days in the stadiums there is something of which that will emotionally connect to every NFL fan."


"For those who have played NCAA Football 12 the gameplay will feel somewhat familiar but Madden 12 comes across as bigger, more physical, and plays much more refined – like it has been reigned in a bit. Where NCAA is wide open Madden feels slightly more restrictive but the players have the ability to break out of that and create some exciting moments. Fun factor is very high and games have been exceedingly satisfying."

  • Run blocking is much improved and that is probably due in large part to the heavily reduced suction in the new tackling animation system.
  • There seems to be less in the way of leaping linebackers knocking passes away or stealing the ball out of the air which is a relief, but it can still sometimes be difficult to get a pass with the proper velocity over defenders who are underneath.
  • Flats are well covered by the CPU – I actually have thrown several INTs to the flats not noticing the coverage there. It can still be a useful outlet but doesn’t seem to be exploitable.
  • Play action is still one of the weakest aspects of the game. Play fakes take too long to execute – what Madden really needs is authentic play fakes.
  • QBs tend to have a lot of success scrambling but this is just the case when darting out of the pocket rather than running outside the tackles. From what I’ve noticed linebackers especially seem slow to react to this (almost as though they hesitate) and QBs often have a lot of daylight because of it. It doesn’t seem as though they are necessarily too athletic or too fast – rather the defense doesn’t recognize they have left the pocket until they are already a few yards beyond the line of scrimmage.
  • Special teams remains largely neglected as kick return and punt return blocking is horrid.
  • Having played on All-Pro difficulty the results have been varied and it has been challenging (in a fair way unlike All-Madden tends to be).
  • Game speed feels just about right unlike the demo which was too fast.
  • There is still some sense that there is more in the way of “hitting” than “tackling” but much better than the demo.
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Madden 12 - Early Reviews
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